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Hashim Mitha

Hashim is passionate about helping drive the adoption of new technologies and working with really smart people to commercialise new innovations. 

In 2017, he first learned about Bitcoin and Blockchain and started down the crypto rabbit hole. Hashim has focused his learning on Cryptocurrencies, mining operations, liquidity pools, exchanges, custodial providers, investment challenges, and the regulatory landscape.

meetami Innovations

Meet the Team

The success of AmiPRO relies on the diverse experience provided by our team. We’re excited to work with you to launch Digital Asset investing in your wealth management practice.

Our Advisors

Sina Nader

Digital Asset Advisor
Santa Cruz, California

Frank Lee

Design Advisor
Vancouver, Canada

Andy LaPointe

Advisor and Contributor
Traverse Bay, Michigan

Hussein Hallak

Vancouver, Canada


We’re here to help you learn about Digital Asset investing. It starts with Bitcoin and Blockchain 101.


Our team can help you build your Digital Asset practice focusing on regulatory, risk and compliance.


AmiPRO software empowers advisors to directly invest in Digital Assets on behalf of their clients.


Canada’s first Digital Asset Shelf ™ (DAS) is a response to a growing demand for investing in Digital Assets beyond crypto currencies.