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Build Your Digital Asset Practice

AmiPRO offers comprehensive consulting services to help build your Digital Asset practice.

We focus on meeting regulatory and compliance requirements as well as risk management practices for back-office staff and advisors.

Our DDIM Process

We help you navigate the complexities of setting up a Digital Asset practice with our DDIM process.
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How it works


Create plans, training, customization of the software and processes to meet your firm’s specific needs.


We support your Digital Asset practice by defining products, back-office processes, workflows, regulatory, and compliance.


Roll out, advisor, firm, and client training, customized services, reports, and white label if required for a successful launch of a Digital Asset practice.


Review performance, add new products, remain up-to-date and competitive as new tools, processes, and products emerge.


We’re here to help you learn about Digital Asset investing. It starts with Bitcoin and Blockchain 101.


AmiPRO software empowers advisors to directly invest in Digital Assets on behalf of their clients.


Canada’s first Digital Asset Shelf ™ (DAS) is a response to a growing demand for investing in Digital Assets beyond crypto currencies.

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