Our Services

AmiPRO offers comprehensive consulting services to guide your Digital Asset practice with a focus on meeting regulatory and compliance requirements as well as risk management practices.
Evolve Your Practice to Include Digital Assets

In order to include Digital Asset investing in your practice, you will need to determine the structure and rollout with your firm. AmiPRO services are available for back office staff and advisors, while building marketing and awareness programs for your clients. We can also build a Digital Asset investment thesis with supporting documents and provide an update on KYC if needed.

AmiPRO can integrate with existing IT systems to provide reporting and seamlessly work with client management systems for short and long term planning.

Steps to Success


Create plans, training, customization of the software and processes to meet your firm’s specific needs.


We support your Digital Asset practice by defining products, back office processes, workflows, regulatory and compliance.


Roll out, advisor, firm and client training, customized services, reports, and white label if required for a successful launch of a Digital Asset practice.

Analyze + Manage

Review performance, add new products, remain up-to-date and competitive as new tools, processes and products emerge.

Training and Education

Make informed decisions with a clear view of assets and manage models, re-balance accounts and adjust strategies as the industry and offering matures. The AmiPRO platform gives product usage and process training for advisors, back office teams, accounting, IT, and aligns with client training and marketing plans.

Regulatory and Compliance

How do you ensure your firm adheres to external rules and internal controls for Digital Asset investing?  AmiPRO manages the rules and processes to enable meeting regulatory and compliance regulations and tracking for accounting and audits. Use best practices that align with regulatory and back office processes at your firm. Meet compliance with governing bodies, such as IIROC, with reporting and audit compliance.

Risk Management

What is the real risk vs the reputational risk of investing in digital assets? As part of the Digital asset practice design, risk rating and product quality are defined and integrated into the workflows then managed by the AmiPRO™ systems.