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AmiPro Software

Purpose-built Software for Advisors in Regulated Industries

The powerful AmiPRO platform gives wealth management advisors what they need to successfully include Digital Asset investing in their Canadian practice, maintain regulatory workflow and offer custom services to their clients.

For Advisors:

  • Offer a new asset class to meet changing needs and interests of clients
  • Increase AUM Gain competitive advantage 
  • Provide knowledge and awareness to clients and be able to better provide advice about investment strategies.

For Back Office and Management:

  • Offer comprehensive management reports and performance reports for the firm, assets, teams and advisors.
  •  AmiPRO books and records audit compliance and logs all the required reporting.

For Firms:

  • View investment performance by advisor, teams and clients.
  • Break down these investments by geography and assets using a full range of business analytics and intelligence tools. 
  • Help manage compliance workflows and rules.

Software that Empowers

AmiPRO software allows advisors to directly invest in bitcoin and a growing number of Digital Assets.
How it works

Trade Execution Tools

Buy, sell and hold Digital Assets for clients and manage all clients through our simple, comprehensive interface.

Portfolio Tools

Build portfolios, model performance and apply portfolios to client accounts with a comprehensive set of tools, including:

Design – Consists of a toolkit to design and simulate performance, including asset analytics, backtest performance and portfolio optimization tools Meet your clients’ objectives and expectations for returns.

Manage – Make informed decisions with a clear view of assets, manage models, re-balance accounts and adjust strategies as the industry and offering matures. 

Evolve – Continue to grow and evolve modelling and performance tools as new coins, tokens and investment assets enter the market. AmiPRO offers deeper analytics and timing models such as Factor Analysis and MonteCarlo to manage different risk models.

Account Centre

Comprehensive client management system features and tools. Account management is simple and captures all facets of the client’s portfolio with numerous reporting and data visualization tools. KYC can be integrated to automatically meet requirements and keep accounts up-to-date. Efficiently onboard new and existing clients into your Digital Asset practice. AmiPRO facilitates annual review, KYC and client tax forms and reports.


A wide range of reporting options from basic account to comprehensive client management system features and tools. AmiPRO gives reports and data visualization tools to keep you and your clients informed. It is the only software needed to place orders, understand how custody works as well as the different types of reports and performance metrics needed to make good investment choices.

Learning Centre

Knowledge is at the core of the AmiPRO platform. We offer wealth managers modular, interactive and collaborative learning for digital asset investing. Quickly gain comfort in the selling process, stored assets, and engagement tactics for clients who invest in Digital Assets. The AmiPRO learning centre also offers comprehensive client, back-office tools and compliance insights specific to their needs.

Your Digital Asset fundamentals start with Blockchain 101, the basics of Digital Asset technologies, comparison blockchains, coin types, and product and risk management. AmiPRO makes technical products easy to understand and follow using industry-leading best practices in learning and technology. AmiPRO also gives you the resources to guide your clients on the risks and opportunities surrounding investing in Digital Assets.

The AmiPRO Learning Centre features:
·      News Updates
·      Newsletters
·      Glossary
·      FAQs
·      Continuing Education Credits
·      Webinars
·      Blogs.

Training and Education

Make informed decisions with a clear view of assets. Manage models, re-balance accounts, and adjust strategies as the industry and offering matures.

The AmiPRO software gives product usage and process training for advisors, back-office teams, accounting, IT and aligns with client training and marketing plans.

Regulatory and Compliance

AmiPRO manages the rules and processes to enable meeting regulatory and compliance regulations with governing bodies such as IIROC as well as tracking for accounting and audits.

It is designed to provide Digital Asset investing in a regulated manner to Firms, Portfolio Managers, Exempt Market Dealers and Multi-Family Offices while meeting compliance and regulatory requirements. The software offers access to vetted products and vendors for the Digital Asset Shelf.

Risk Management

What is the real risk vs the reputational risk of investing in Digital Assets? As part of the Digital Asset practice design, risk rating and product quality are defined and integrated into workflows and then managed by the AmiPRO software.
Meet your clients' changing needs and offer Digital Assets as part of their diversified portfolio.

Introducing the first Digital Asset platform in Canada purpose-built for advisors, Multi-Family Offices, IIROC dealer members and portfolio managers to directly invest in bitcoin and a growing number of Digital Assets on behalf of their clients.

We are a member of the IIROC Crypto Asset Working Group.

Built for Advisors


We’re here to help you learn about Digital Asset investing. It starts with Bitcoin and Blockchain 101.


Our team can help you build your Digital Asset practice focusing on regulatory, risk and compliance.


Canada’s first Digital Asset Shelf ™ (DAS) is a response to a growing demand for investing in Digital Assets beyond crypto currencies.

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