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We are good humans! We expect you to be one too. We are innovators, and we are pragmatic. We have good intentions, and follow them with meaningful actions. We keep it simple and have fun!
What we look for in our MeetAmi team.
You have had experiences where you’ve needed to make sense of the chaos, enjoy a challenging landscape (that evolves rapidly), are service minded, detailed oriented, willing to face adversity (head on), be a change maker, an educator and a lifelong leaner. Does this sound just like you? Then what are you waiting for?

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User Interface Developer

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Web Development Specialist

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Lead Developer – NOS

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Application Developer: Experience Front End

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Frontend Developer

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A trusted, content aggregation and learning platform helping advisors understand the Digital Asset ecosystem.  
Guidance and support that enables firms to navigate the design of a Digital Asset Practice using MeetAmi’s consulting services.
Software that enables wealth management advisors to buy, sell, and hold Digital Assets for their clients.
Offering a diverse mix of investment opportunities from managed funds, tokenized real estate along with other tokenized investments.

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