Our Mission

The AmiPRO platform's mission is to create a place of education, information, and transparency that empowers people to comfortably navigate the Digital Asset world.

Meet the Team

The success of AmiPRO relies on the diverse experience provided by our team. We’re excited to work with you to launch Digital Asset investing in your wealth management practice.

Hashim Mitha
Chief Executive Officer

Hashim is passionate about helping drive the adoption of new technologies and working with really smart people to commercialise new innovations. 

In 2017, he first learned about Bitcoin and Blockchain and started down the crypto rabbit hole. Hashim has focused his learning on Cryptocurrencies, mining operations, liquidity pools, exchanges, custodial providers, investment challenges, and the regulatory landscape.

Sarah Morton
Chief Strategy Officer

Sarah’s vision is simple – to empower generations to successfully invest in Digital Assets. To accomplish this, she leads the AmiPRO marketing and product teams to build easy to use software that manages complex transactions, meets regulatory and compliance, and provides education to demystify this complex technology.

Her background bringing multiple tech companies to market ahead of the trend speaks to her visionary mindset.

Vaclav Vincalek
Chief Technology Officer

Vaclav Vincalek is driving the technology innovation and leading the digital product development for AmiPRO. His strength is in understanding broad technology trends and how to align innovation with business goals.  He brings a wealth of experience in providing services to startups and Fortune 50 companies. Vaclav applies his business first acumen for developing technology to create solutions that users want to use. He is committed to building a user experience for wealth management advisors that makes AmiPRO’s technology seamless and transparent.

Chuck Hamilton

After leading various learning programs at IBM for 19 years, Chuck shifted focus to growing technology companies, driving open innovation and open talent thinking. Chuck simplifies AmiPRO customer learning surrounding digital asset management to drive broader adoption and empower people to participate in this opportunity.

Leveraging his understanding of learning theory, methodologies, and emerging technologies, Chuck leads learning and collaboration thinking for AmiPRO.

Bill Downie
Head of Marketing

Bill leads the branding and marketing for AmiPRO. He and his team have the exciting challenge of humanizing the complexities of Digital Assets. They combine engaging imagery with concise, focussed language to bring clarity and value to those entering the Digital Asset world, no matter their level of understanding.

Leveraging his 37 years of award-winning ad agency experience he will make sure the brand and messaging stays on target.

Roy King
Head of Business Development

A varied 37-year work history owning and managing businesses in the automotive, aviation and property industries has given Roy huge experience in the development and growth of successful companies.

The fast-paced, nascent Digital Asset space attracted Roy during the summer of 2017 and he has been fully immersed since.  Joining AmiPRO will enable Roy to share his knowledge and passion with financial professionals who, in turn, will bring this exciting asset class to the masses.

Jim Mutter
PT In-House Legal Counsel

Jim leads AmiPRO’s corporate law, governance, and strategy guidance relating to regulatory and compliance. Jim’s career has been focused on technology growth companies. He is recognized as one of Canada’s top business lawyers by his peers in Martindale-Hubbell.

Jim previously led the BC Premier’s Technology Council which advised the Province on technology issues.

Kathy O’Donoghue
Head of Product

Kathy drives the product vision, making sure the comprehensive features of AmiPRO are delivered in a simple, easy to use, easy to understand product. Kathy focuses on customer experience and feature set - building the Learning and News functions, Portfolio and Reporting tools, and functionality of transacting assets into a tangible product.

Her background includes Product Manager of Crystal Reports and Development Director at Electronic Arts, along with a variety of projects involving app development, technology management, and data visualization. She combines data analytics and design thinking to enable complex infrastructure.

Mike Knapp
Head of Tech / Strategy

Mike ensures that our technology and infrastructure support the vision of the product, meeting the complex reporting and compliance requirements for AmiPRO’s clients. 

Whether it’s for small firms running a standalone Digital Asset practice to large multinational firms integrating into existing back offices, Mike ensures AmiPRO meets their needs. His background in security, tech, coaching, and investment brings a wealth of experience to this role.

Michael Acharya
Product Manager

Michael leverages his experience in financial management and fin-tech to bring AmiPRO to life. He’s responsible for taking the complex vision and mission into real code and software. He’s passionate about driving adoption of Digital Assets and ensuring they are accessible to investors.

Angelia Darnbrough
Marketing Strategist

Angelia contributes to AmiPRO’s content marketing strategy. Her goal is to make it easy for Wealth Managers to understand the value AmiPRO brings to Digital Asset management.

Her passion for fostering targeted conversation that clearly conveys the unique value organizations provide in the market consistently generates growth opportunities. She brings over two decades of marketing experience in high tech and emerging technologies to AmiPRO’s team.

Morgan Downie
UI/Graphic Design

Morgan is a new generation of Designer, born into the digital experience. She combines her design school education with real-world learning to create communications that connect on a human level.

Morgan has been the lead Designer since the inception of AmiPRO. She created the brand graphic assets, is responsible for the look and feel of the app, and designed the website. She works tirelessly to ensure that the AmiPRO digital experience is easy to navigate, fun to use, and a refreshing addition to the fintech category.

Our Advisors

Frank Lee
Design Advisor

Frank is a passionate artist, designer, and engineer. He's driven by challenges and figuring out how to transform them into beautiful, fulfilling, and joyful experiences.

As a former Product Designer at Apple and Program Manager at Microsoft, Frank's designs are being used by hundreds of millions of people every day.

Dan Bowering
Acting Head of compliance

Dan has held several senior compliance roles at various IIROC dealers. He has 30 years’ experience in the Canadian Securities Industry and has held Chief Compliance Officer roles at some of Canada’s leading financial services firms. He has been a member on several industry committees including the CCLS Executive Committee and IIROC’s Ontario District Council.

Dan is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and a Professor and guest lecturer at Seneca College in their business program. He  also runs a consulting firm, DDB Compliance Services.

Sina Nader
Digital Asset Advisor

Sina helps AmiPRO's clients understand the critical steps that go into building a successful Digital Asset practice. Drawing on his wealth management experience at Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley, he is able to understand the needs of financial services companies and financial advisors alike.

His deep knowledge of the digital asset space, furthermore, allows him to span both the traditional and the digital wealth management landscapes. Sina was recently Head of Crypto at Robinhood, and currently leads the US business for FTX, one of the largest crypto platforms globally.

Andy LaPointe
Advisor and Contributor

Andy is passionate about cryptocurrency mainstream adoption. His experience includes fintech, Blockchain and entrepreneurial success combined with a solid foundation of 15 years of investment advisory experience.  

He is an avid writer and speaker. Andy is the author of 24+ books about fintech, personal finance, cryptocurrency, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Hussein Hallak

Hussein is passionate about entrepreneurship, education, tech and is on a mission to make the world a better place through connection, communication and community.

A serial entrepreneur, Hussein has built over 20 startups and mentored and trained over a 1,000 entrepreneurs. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies and the world’s top 100 brands.