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Our Mission

To create a place of education, information, and transparency that empowers wealth management advisors to comfortably and confidently navigate the Digital Assets world.
Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, MeetAmi Innovations Inc. ("MeetAmi") is a Fintech company that was founded to help wealth management firms navigate the world of Digital Assets on behalf of their clients.
We live in unprecedented times of Digital Asset growth and investment opportunities, yet wealth management advisors are missing the foundational tools to learn and invest in Digital Assets on behalf of their clients.
MeetAmi has created a family of Digital Asset investing products and services that empower Wealth Management Advisors. Their flagship product is AmiPro, a software platform that enables advisors to invest directly into Digital Assets and cryptocurrencies on behalf of their clients working with regulated custody and liquidity providers.
Recognizing the need for education and support, the company also provides comprehensive consulting services to take a wealth management advisor from learning to liquidity.

Meet the Team

The success of MeetAmi relies on the diverse experience provided by our team. We’re excited to work with you to launch Digital Asset investing in your wealth management practice.

Our Advisors

A trusted, content aggregation and learning platform helping advisors understand the Digital Asset ecosystem.  
Guidance and support that enables firms to navigate the design of a Digital Asset Practice using MeetAmi’s consulting services.
Software that enables wealth management advisors to buy, sell, and hold Digital Assets for their clients.
Offering a diverse mix of investment opportunities from managed funds, tokenized real estate along with other tokenized investments.

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