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Welcome to the Learning Hive

AmiLearn gives advisors everything they need to know about Digital Assets and some things they never expected.

Eight ways AmiLearn can empower you to understand Digital Asset investing:
  1. Learning ‘bites’ shaped as glossaries, definitions, infographics, and light reading.
  2. AI-assisted syndicated content, shaped for ongoing consumption with an editorial style.
  3. Licensed Courses and certified content from industry experts in easy to digest pieces.
  4. An online library of published reference material, expert guides and in-context help.
  5. Mentorship, Ask An Expert, and community knowledge sourcing.
  6. Micro-accreditation and immutable records of learning activity.
  7. A learner record dashboard and activity tracker.
  8. Access to the world-class AmiPro platform to support trading of Digital Assets.
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Our 3 Learning Principles:

  1. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify (yes, we like to keep things as simple as possible so it’s easy to learn).
  2. Focus on storytelling and provide bites, snacks, and meals for a continuous self-paced learning journey (you’ll feel very full after each lesson).
  3. Always share the truth (because we are your trusted source for learning).

The Learning Hive is a continuous learning experience.  

AmiLearn provides educational content from Blockchain 101 through to individual Digital Assets, with a focus on "Know Your Product".  As technology evolves, so will the content, enabling advisors to always be up-to-date.
Our courses make it easy for advisors to access the essential training needed to obtain product knowledge, which will offer up greater investment opportunities for their clients.
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How Digital Assets Work
and Why They Matter

learning units:
  • Blockchain Overview and the History of the Technology
  • Ledger Technology and History of this Technology
  • Blockchain Mechanisms, Mining, and Pools
  • Financial Blockchains

Understanding the Digital Asset Landscape

learning units:
  • Digital Asset Investment opportunity
  • Cryptocurrency 101
  • BTC 101 - How Bitcoin works
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Mapping the cryptocurrency marketplace
  • Dynamic Crypto Index - Coin Market Capital

Digital Asset Investing Opportunity

learning units:
  • Digital Asset Portofilo Management
  • Digital Asset Funds
  • Digital Asset Investment Resources
  • Digital Asset Practices
  • Liquidity and Exchanges
  • Digital Asset Partner Landscape

Considerations and Risks for Investors

learning units:
  • Digital Asset Compliance
  • Coin Tracing
  • Digital Asset Regulations
  • Digital Asset Risk Management
  • Digital Asset Compliance
  • Digital Asset Custody Models

Managing Your Products

learning units:
  • Technology Practice
  • Digital Asset Marketing
  • Practice Alignment

External Offerings

learning units:
  • Course Providers
  • Institutional Providers
  • Educational Certificates

Did you know?

a word from an amipro expert

Discussing the pros and cons of Cryptocurrencies with confidence will help you to stay ahead of the curve.

AmiPRO’s Advisor Andy LaPointe, author of “Guide To Getting Started with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies” and “Bitcoin Smart Kids” shares his knowledge and insights into key questions about investing in Digital Assets.
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Software that enables Wealth Management Advisors to buy, sell, and hold Digital Assets for their clients.
Guidance and support that enables firms to navigate the design of a Digital Asset Practice using MeetAmi’s consulting services.
Offering a diverse mix of investment opportunities from managed funds, tokenized real estate along with other tokenized investments.

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