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October 1, 2020

Sarah's September Summary

September was another action packed month for us at MeetAmi - we were fuelled with a lot of coffee and adrenaline. We had several virtual coffee sessions with friends and colleagues around North America. We are always happy to grab a virtual meeting and discuss digital assets.

From a corporate viewpoint September was likely our busiest month of 2020. Our team has been introducing our product to the market and we are thrilled with the feedback and interest we are getting. We will be launching our web site this week, introducing our team and have many exciting updates on MeetAmi the company and AmiPRO the product to share.

As usual, I have a list of articles and news pieces from the previous month that I find interesting, relevant to our industry or just thought provoking and generally highlight how much activity is happening in the development and adoption of blockchain technology and crypto-currencies.

Big news: Kraken became the first crypto-currency exchange to receive a banking license in the USA (keep an eye on Wyoming).

MicroStrategy, who had purchased +21,000 bitcoins in August, purchased just under 17,000 more in September.

Bank of Canada surveys Canadians on their "money knowledge" and thoughts on cash-less societies and who holds crypto: click here to read full report.

Have you ever been curious about the economics of bitcoin mining farms? Here's September's

If you want to learn more about what we are up to with AmiPRO or have a chat about how the blockchain can affect your world please reach out. Happy October!

Sarah Morton

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