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November 1, 2020

Sarah's October Summary

Here's October's roundup - yet another action packed month in the world of Bitcoin. The end of October marked the anniversary of Satoshi's white-paper and the launch of Bitcoin. In the wee hours of October 31st, Bitcoin's price crossed the $14,000 USD mark.

October 31st marked the 12th anniversary of the release of the Satoshi White-paper outlining Bitcoin. While neither electronic payments nor cryptography were new concepts, Bitcoin has taken the lead as the worlds' most popular and valuable crypto-currency, through a crowd sourced network of believers. Here's the link to the full white paper: SWP.

One of the bigger news items of October was PayPal announcing the addition of crypto-currencies to it's platform. Like it or not, the announcement is a big step towards normalizing crypto-currencies and enabling consumers to become familiar with them. Read the announcement here: PP.

Square follows MicroStrategy, and moves 1% of cash assets to Bitcoin via close to $50Million USD purchase of Bitcoins.

Grayscale released their Bitcoin Investor study at the end of October; it was loaded with nuggets around the investor demand and profiles. Most interesting to me was that most who are already invested are educated, and close to 50% of people polled would invest if it were recommended by their advisor! You can read the full report here:

As always, if you want to dig into these topics, have a virtual coffee, share opinions or learn more please reach out and we are always happy to chat.

Happy November everyone! Stay Safe

Sarah Morton,

Chief Strategy Officer

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