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February 26, 2021

NCP Digital Family Office Takes the Lead in Digital Asset Management by Choosing AmiPro

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, February 25, 2021 ( - MeetAmi Innovations Inc. ("MeetAmi") is pleased to announce the NCP Digital Family Office  ("NCP") selection of AmiPRO ™, the first Digital Asset investing platform in Canada that takes investment firms and advisors from learning to liquidity. NCP has entered into an agreement to enable its Multi Family Office to incorporate Digital Assets into the investment policy planning of the families it serves.

"While it's still early days for Digital Assets, there is an inevitable and ever-increasing reality that they are maturing as an asset class. At the same time, they are not widely understood by either clients or advisors. Under these circumstances, we recognize our fiduciary responsibility to advise the families we serve from a position of knowledge and with the same standard of care we apply in the traditional asset class realm," states Grant Colby, Chief Executive Officer of NCP. "A critical step in making this a reality is to work with the team at AmiPRO to establish the necessary business and regulatory processes needed to responsibly include Digital Asset investing in our practice."

NCP is an independent team of wealth management experts dedicated to empowering families to use technology to seize control and raise the probability of achieving their financial goals. AmiPro's offering aligns with NCP's focus on liberating clients' siloed wealth data and bringing it together into a unified view that supports better analytics and transparency.

NCP will be the first Family Office Practice in Canada to offer diversified investment options for Digital Assets using AmiPRO. The firm has proactively engaged with provincial regulators to ensure all resulting policies and procedures meet the requirements of Canadian Securities Administrators.

"With AmiPRO, we are creating a place of education, information and transparency that empowers Family Offices like NCP to comfortably navigate the Digital Asset world no matter their level of understanding," says Hashim Mitha, CEO, MeetAmi. "One of our key principles is to help de-risk the process for owning Digital Assets, enabling direct exposure to the asset."

NCP will be using AmiPRO's proprietary DDIM service model which Defines, Designs, Implements and Manages what is required to help structure Digital Asset investing in its practice while meeting regulatory, risk management and compliance requirements. In addition to these comprehensive services, the AmiPRO software platform will seamlessly manage the compliance workflows and reporting requirements while integrating into liquidity and custodial partners for trade execution of Digital Assets for the firm.    

"The families we serve have a preference to invest directly wherever possible, so it's important in the Digital Asset realm that we develop such capabilities as this Digital Asset class inevitably grows," says Colby. "We believe that AmiPRO is essential to ensuring that we not only build a Digital Asset practice but also properly implement and market it so our advisors can offer the most informed wealth management services that our families expect."

About NCP Digital Family Office

NCP Digital Family Office is an independent team of wealth management experts dedicated to putting clients back in control of their wealth and ensuring their goals are achieved. Registered in BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, the firm empowers the families it serves to achieve financial peace of mind so they can enjoy more of the things they love. NCP is an employee and family-owned provider of bespoke private equity and wealth management services to Canadian institutional, corporate, and Family Office clients. NCP Digital Family Office is a registered trade name of NCP Investment Management, a discretionary Portfolio Manager, Exempt Market Dealer, and Investment Fund Manager regulated by the securities commissions of BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

About MeetAmi Innovations, Inc.

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, MeetAmi Innovations Inc. is a Fintech company that is building AmiPRO™, the first Digital Asset investing platform in Canada which includes the essential services, software platform and ecosystem to take a firm or advisor from learning to liquidity. The organization empowers advisors to confidently invest in Digital Assets while navigating the Digital Asset world.

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