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August 4, 2021

MeetAmi Selects CipherTrace for Cryptocurrency Tracing and Compliance

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, August 4th, 2021 / --

Blockchain security company CipherTrace and MeetAmi Innovations Inc. (“MeetAmi”) have partnered to include the CipherTrace cryptocurrency intelligence for anti-money laundering Blockchain Security technology into the AmiPRO product stack. By including CipherTrace in the AmiPro solution, wealth management advisors, who invest in Digital Assets, will be provided with the highest levels of protection and security. CipherTrace’s technology is the most trusted solution used worldwide by banks, financial institutions and government organizations, such as the CRA, RCMP and Homeland Security, to trace the history of a crypto coin and rank it for risk to ensure it has not been sanctioned or used in dark markets. Currently, CipherTrace solutions are used by over 300 enterprise customers in 42 countries, including some of the world’s leading financial institutions.

“Fundamental to blockchain technology is that every transaction is written to the digital ledger,” says Hashim Mitha, CEO MeetAmi. “The history of cryptocurrency transactions then becomes visible and traceable on an immutable ledger making it possible for advisors using our investing platform to determine the providence of coins. CipherTrace’s technology enables advisors to have complete transparency on source/origin of funds.”MeetAmi’s AmiPRO Digital Asset investing software helps firms de-risk the process for investing in cryptocurrencies. It also provides firms with a single-source to check cryptocurrency transactions for any suspicious activity without having to leave the AmiPro dashboard. By integrating CipherTrace’s blockchain analytics and cryptocurrency intelligence, advisors can now confidently invest and oversee client portfolios invested in Digital Assets with the convenience of being able to do both compliance checks and tracing within the AmiPRO platform.

“We have made significant strides with our software to make the cryptocurrency economy safer for customers, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPS )and Financial Institutions,” states Dave Jevans, CEO of CipherTrace. “By integrating with AmiPRO, it is our hope that proper compliance, transparency and increased trust will lead to more advisors participating in the crypto market. We are excited to be part of the first Digital Asset investing platform in Canada.”

Wealth advisors are increasingly being asked by clients to invest in Digital Assets and manage the cryptocurrencies they hold outside of their portfolios. “We continue to enhance our platform to provide all the tools to execute trades and help to de-risk the process for investing in Digital Assets,” says Mr. Mitha.“We are thrilled to accomplish this by integrating the CipherTrace technology into our platform.”

About CipherTraceCipherTrace, the leading cryptocurrency intelligence company, bridges virtual currencies and financial services together with fraud protection, anti-money laundering, and financial investigation solutions. CipherTrace derives superior cryptocurrency intelligence from analyzing massive amounts of validated blockchain transaction attribution. CipherTrace founders are dedicated to protecting consumer privacy and growing the blockchain economy, while defending against illicit finance. Deep expertise in cybersecurity, eCrime, payments, banking, encryption, and virtual currencies form the foundation for CipherTrace’s commercial offerings. For more information, visit, subscribe to the CipherTrace Newsletters, and follow us on Twitter @CipherTrace.

About MeetAmi Innovations Inc.Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, MeetAmi Innovations Inc. is a Fintech company that is building AmiPRO™, the first Digital Asset investing platform in Canada which includes the essential services, software platform and ecosystem to take a firm or advisor from learning to liquidity. It is also creating AmiPRO’s Digital Asset Shelf™, a curated Digital Asset ecosystem of vendor solutions that can be accessed through the AmiPRO platform. The organization empowers advisors to confidently invest in Digital Assets while navigating the Digital Asset world. Join the Digital Asset conversation at and follow us on LinkedIn for the latest news.

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