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December 15, 2020

MeetAmi Launches Canada’s First Ever Digital Asset Management Platform with AmiPro


MeetAmi Launches Canada’s First Ever Digital Asset Management Platform with AmiPRO

AmiPRO empowers firms and advisors to engage in Digital Asset investments

Vancouver, BC, Canada – December 15, 2020 – MeetAmi Innovations Inc. (“MeetAmi”) announces the launch of AmiPRO ™, the first Digital Asset investing platform in Canada that takes investment firms and advisors from learning to liquidity. AmiPRO is a purpose-built technology solution for IIROC dealer members, exempt market dealers, private wealth advisors, portfolio managers, and family offices who want to invest in Digital Assets for their clients.

“We are ready to guide firms and advisors through the business and regulatory process needed to include Digital Asset investing in their practice,” states Hashim Mitha, Chief Executive Officer at MeetAmi. “Recognizing that it takes time to meet these requirements, it is necessary for advisors and investment firms to engage now so they are ready in 2021. With AmiPRO, we are creating a place of education, information and transparency that empowers people to comfortably navigate the Digital Asset world no matter their level of understanding.”

Interest in Digital Assets is increasing dramatically for Canadian investors who want to include this alternate asset class as part of their diversified investment portfolios. MeetAmi is meeting this demand with AmiPRO’s all encompassing Digital Asset Practice Platform. For firms and advisors who are ready to start exploring Digital Asset investing in their practice, AmiPRO’s proprietary DDIM service model Defines, Designs, Implements and Manages what is required to help structure Digital Asset investing in a practice while meeting regulatory, risk management and compliance requirements.

“The large corporate investments that we’ve seen in recent months in the United States from Square and Microstrategy, plus the launch of crypto on both PayPal and Wealthsimple, are strong signals that it’s time to join the Digital Asset conversation,” says Sarah Morton, Chief Strategy Officer at MeetAmi. “We are well positioned to help advisors be part of this exciting Digital Asset space.”

AmiPRO has a team of international experts and utilizes their deep domain knowledge to successfully guide a firm’s migration to Digital Asset investing.  The comprehensive AmiPRO ecosystem includes KYC/AML solutions, liquidity providers, education and certification authorities, custody technologies and asset validation technologies.  AmiPRO helps define a Digital Asset practice and keeps it in line with regulatory requirements, creates books and records tracking for compliance, navigates the change of business components, builds and markets the practice, as well as implements and tracks its growth.

It is clear that the next generation of Canadian investors are going to invest in Digital Assets. AmiPRO helps advisors invest in this alternative asset class for their clients and provides them with the first-ever platform, consulting services and software to make this possible.

Join the Digital Asset conversation and book a demo of AmiPRO so you can drive your competitive advantage for 2021.

About MeetAmi Innovations, Inc.

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, MeetAmi Innovations Inc. is a Fintech company that is building AmiPRO™, the first Digital Asset investing platform in Canada which includes the essential services, software platform and ecosystem to take a firm or advisor from learning to liquidity.

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