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February 8, 2021

Meet our team - Vaclav Vincalek

Meet our team - Vaclav Vincalek

Vaclav Vincalek is driving the technology innovation and leading the digital product development for AmiPRO. His strength is in understanding broad technology trends and how to align innovation with business goals. He brings a wealth of experience in providing services to startups and Fortune 50 companies.

Vaclav applies his business first acumen for developing technology to create solutions that end users want to use. He is committed to building a user experience for wealth management advisors that makes AmiPRO’s technology seamless and transparent.

What attracted you to join AmiPRO’s team?

I am very interested in where the technology that supports Digital Asset investing is heading. Very soon many forms of digital investments will be coming, beyond cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain and the tokenization of assets are going to be a game changer! Using blockchain’s immutability removes possible fraud which has always been a concern when investing in cryptocurrencies. Ownership interest can now be easily secured, audited and verified.  

We have investors that want to invest in Digital Assets now. It’s clearly time to take the lead in building the first-ever Digital Asset investing platform in Canada.

What is your vision for how Wealth Management Advisors will use AmiPRO?

I want to ensure that Wealth management advisors will have access to the latest, most accurate information about Digital Assets at their fingertips. By using AmiPRO in their practice, they will be able to provide the best investment services to their clientele by including this alternate asset class as part of their diversified investment portfolios.

Why launch AmiPRO now?

The timing is right. In 2021, it’s clear that investors want to invest in Digital Assets.

AmiPRO is building a business model that makes it possible to seamlessly integrate Digital Asset investing into a practice using the right combination of education, services and technology. This ecosystem of partners and support service providers will bring tremendous value to Wealth Management firms.  

Why take a business first approach to developing technology?

In my opinion it’s essential that you fully understand the business that you are creating solutions for first. Otherwise, you’re simply an overrated software developer.

I have learned that taking solutions to market requires a strong business acumen. Listening to the customer is paramount. Creating technology with context ensures you build products that people actually want to use.

A great example are the Uber and Lyft apps. These interfaces provide you with ride sharing using three easy steps. So much of the background technology is invisible to the app user. Instead, the customer has an intuitive and easy method for obtaining a ride exactly when and where they need it. I want to provide the same sort of user experience to wealth management advisors who use AmiPRO.

What will set AmiPRO apart from other fintech solutions available to wealth management advisors?

I am focusing on making the AmiPRO technology platform simple to control and manage especially when it comes to security. AmiPRO’s interface and functionality will ultimately give wealth management advisors one-touch functionality for buying and selling Digital Assets. I will always be seeking opportunities to add value to the entire AmiPRO ecosystem.


We’re here to help you learn about Digital Asset investing. It starts with Bitcoin and Blockchain 101.


Our team can help you build your Digital Asset practice focusing on regulatory, risk and compliance.


AmiPRO software empowers advisors to directly invest in Digital Assets on behalf of their clients.


Canada’s first Digital Asset Shelf ™ (DAS) is a response to a growing demand for investing in Digital Assets beyond crypto currencies.