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December 8, 2020

Meet our team - Roy King

Meet the Advisors– Roy King, Head of Business Development, AmiPRO

The success of AmiPRO relies on the diverse experience provided by our growing team of experts.  We’re excited to share their insights with you and how their experience contributes to the growth and innovation at AmiPRO – setting new standards in Fintech and Digital Asset investing.

Roy brings a varied 37-year work history owning and managing businesses in the automotive, aviation and property industries. He has contributed to the development and growth of successful companies and knows what is required to launch great ideas. The fast-paced, nascent Digital Asset space attracted Roy during the summer of 2017 and he has been fully immersed ever since. Joining AmiPRO enables Roy to share his knowledge and passion with financial professionals who, in turn, will bring this exciting asset class to the masses.

What attracted you to join AmiPRO’s team?

When I met Hashim and Sarah and heard what they were building with AmiPRO I was immediately attracted the opportunity. In fact, I thought it was a brilliant idea! When you look at the data out there about investor behaviour, over 95% of people are not going to be making their own investments in Digital Assets. For wealth managers, the AmiPRO platform is the best solution for building diversified investment portfolios. I’m poised to bring this best-in-class platform and services to their attention.

Why Look to AmiPRO for Digital Asset Investing?

Today’s digital currencies and their underlying technology, Blockchain, are here to stay. Digital Assets are becoming an essential part of a diversified investment portfolio for savvy investors of all generations. In fact, the digitization of assets is allowing people to participate in investment opportunities that were never before accessible to the masses. It makes the Digital Asset market an opportunity for everybody.  

That’s where AmiPRO can help. It is a comprehensive platform that will deliver professional investor-grade trading of Digital Assets and a world-class custody solution for storing those assets. Most importantly, AmiPRO will provide complete peace of mind to wealth management advisors when it comes to compliance and reporting. The platform comes with an educational portal that gives you all that you need to know to best understand and become proficient in this exciting nascent asset class.

Is there truly a demand for Digital Assets?

Recent announcements are showing the normalization of this asset class. WealthSimple Crypto launched in August, 2020 and within a month, over 100,000 people registered to be able to trade on this platform. PayPal is now allowing their users to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrencies within the PayPal digital wallet. PayPal plans to significantly increase the utilization of cryptocurrencies by making them available as a funding source for purchases to its 26 million merchants worldwide.

What’s interesting is this movement towards Digital Asset investing is that it has started in retail and now it is institutions that are having to take a 20/20 view.  Digital Assets have been created by people for people which has flipped traditional business models. The demand is only increasing.

Why Should Wealth Advisors Be Part of the Digital Asset Conversation?

This is a brand new asset class which gives wealth management advisors reasons to contact their clients and take the lead as to how they should be investing in Digital Assets. If they are not offering this type of investment to their clients, their clients will go somewhere else. That is far riskier than taking steps to provide Digital Asset investing to remain relevant to the next generation of their investors.

Grayscale recently released the Bitcoin Attitudes Survey which is showing how investor views are changing. More than 50% of US investors surveyed expressed interest in Bitcoin products, 23% already invested in Bitcoin, 31% of all survey respondents and 40% of investors who were already considering Bitcoin said they would be more likely to invest if it were recommended by a financial advisor. I believe this is compelling data that points to becoming part of Digital Asset conversation – now.

How should Wealth Management Advisors and their firms approach Digital Asset investing?

I believe they need to do the research and see what’s coming. Discussions about this asset class are being taken very seriously. Many Fortune Global 500 companies are investing in Bitcoin as part of their capital allocation strategy and using Bitcoin a reasonable hedge against inflation.

AmiPRO gives firms and advisors a ‘one-stop shopping’ approach to getting the necessary information about Digital Assets. It’s a platform that is intuitive to use and provides dashboard summaries for what you are seeking answers to for a particular asset class. But don’t just believe what I’m saying, see it for yourself and book a product demo via zoom. What you’ll discover is a full service solution that enables advisors to participate in the emerging asset class of Digital Assets from learning to liquidity while meeting their clients’ evolving investment needs.

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