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March 25, 2021

Meet our team - Morgan Downie

Meet the Team – Morgan Downie, UI/Graphic Designer

The success of AmiPRO relies on the diverse experience provided by our growing team of experts. We’re excited to share their insights with you and how their experience contributes to the growth and innovation at AmiPRO – setting new standards in Fintech and Digital Asset investing.

Morgan is a new generation of Designer, born into the digital experience. She was raised in a household with an award-winning Art Director and talented Artist. Not surprisingly, she decided to study Graphic Design and worked successfully as a freelance graphic designer. Today, she combines her real-world learning with design school education at Pear Advertising & Design, a company founded with her father and twin sister, Sydney.

Always the analyzer and visual thinker, Morgan has learned to create brands and designs that connect on a human level. She focuses on how to convey a brand’s message as simply as possible so it’s easy to understand. She works tirelessly to ensure that the AmiPRO digital experience is easy to navigate, fun to use and a refreshing addition to the evolving world of Fintech.

How do you create communication that connects on a human level for AmiPRO?

Being consistent is important when trying to create communication that is effective. Using fonts, colours, and imagery in a manner that grabs attention is best. It also makes connecting and remembering content easier.

I’ve used imagery and created branding that focuses on empowering wealth management advisors to embrace Digital Asset investing. I have extended this look and feel to both the AmiPRO website and the app.

With AmiPRO, we wanted to make it easy for people to interact with the content. We’re taking a more visual approach to how we layout and display content for advisors making it easy and intuitive to use.

How do you help wealth management advisors with all sorts of backgrounds embrace the new AmiPRO platform for Digital Asset investing?

The digital experience we are creating is one that is more graphic and visual in nature.  I continually put myself into the shoes of the advisor when I am creating the interface and designs.

When I entered the Digital Asset world, it was a crash course in understanding how it works, embracing new terminology and understanding the benefits of Blockchain. I know what it feels like to be presented with so much content that is very new and not always easy to understand.

I wanted to ensure that when you use AmiPRO, you knew you had a friend there to help you along the way in your learning of Digital Assets.

Where did the name AmiPRO come from?

Sarah Morton, one of MeetAmi’s founders, came up with the idea of “Ami” which means friend in French.

When we brainstormed what Ami brings to wealth management advisors, we describe her as knowledgeable, caring, personable and empowering. All of our designs from branding to the AmiPRO graphic interface keeps these qualities in mind.

We want to set new standards in Fintech by enabling Digital Asset investing using more visual tools and processes.

How do you translate AmiPRO’s brand qualities online?

Colour is really important. We have two main colours and an accent colour in the website and app. When consistently used, colour not only grabs your attention, but makes you memorable. By consistently placing colour alongside AmiPRO branded graphics, we are building a solid brand that advisors can come to trust. It’s all interconnected.

Sydney, my twin sister, and I designed the wireframes for the AmiPRO app. What we discovered is that there is such a wealth of content within the app that it was important to find ways to make it easy for people to access it throughout the platform.

Keeping everything organized and simple in design is what we’ve delivered in the digital experience we are helping to create for AmiPRO. We want to make it a platform that you’ll want to use everyday.

What makes AmiPRO special in how it connects with wealth management advisors?

AmiPRO is a one stop shop for all things in the Digital Asset space.

When you use the AmiPRO platform to learn, buy and sell Digital Assets, you’ll feel that it’s second nature and intuitive to use. Overall, it’s an aesthetically pleasing experience and will be a welcome change in the world of Fintech.

A trusted, content aggregation and learning platform helping advisors understand the Digital Asset ecosystem.  
Guidance and support that enables firms to navigate the design of a Digital Asset Practice using MeetAmi’s consulting services.
Software that enables wealth management advisors to buy, sell, and hold Digital Assets for their clients.
Offering a diverse mix of investment opportunities from managed funds, tokenized real estate along with other tokenized investments.