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November 27, 2020

Meet our team - Chuck Hamilton

Meet the Team– Chuck Hamilton, Chief Learning Officer, AmiPRO

The success of AmiPRO relies on the diverse experience provided by our growing team of experts. We’re excited to share their insights with you and how their experience contributes to the growth and innovation at AmiPRO – setting new standards in Fintech and Digital Asset investing.

Chuck Hamilton has been the visionary behind learning programs at IBM for over 19 years. He now applies his wealth of knowledge to growing technology companies where he drives open innovation and talent thinking. Chuck brings a strong understanding of learning theory, methodologies and emerging technologies to AmiPRO’s services by providing process training for Wealth Management Advisors. He takes an approach that simplifies how to manage Digital Assets to drive broader adoption and empower people to participate in this new Fintech opportunity.

What attracted you to join AmiPRO’s team?

We are witnessing the emergence of the “rewired investor”; which is generational in part (Gen X, Gen Y) and baby boomers who have lived the digital economy experience. Their preferences have been shaped by new technologies and living through the last financial crisis.

What’s clear is that the "Rewired Investor" is looking to add Digital Assets to their investment portfolios. I believe that AmiPRO’s approach to Digital Asset investing will make it the leading investment platform in Canada.

I will be jumping into the mix with my extensive learning background to ensure that AmiPRO’s services are what’s needed right now to successfully include Digital Asset investing into a firm. It’s an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.

Why do you feel that taking a more simplified approach to Digital Asset learning is important?

Studies reveal that finance is non-intuitive to the human brain. In fact, research has shown that people consistently fail to grasp key concepts like the impact of compound interest or ongoing expenses on their well-being. When it comes to long term investing and financial planning, our discussions become even more complicated.

There is a shift going on for Wealth Management Advisors as to how advice and financial products are being delivered. A new, younger clientele is seeking Digital Assets as part of their diversified portfolio. I want to ensure advisors have the best resources available to deal with the complexities, jargon and digital know-how required to foster meaningful and constructive conversations.

We have a new learning curve for today’s investor and wealth manager. A simplified approach best supports the design, outreach and implementation of a Digital Asset practice.

What are the four values that support the design and implementation of AmiPRO Learning?

AmiPro Learning is a combination of a newsZine and learning centre with curated insights arriving daily.This learning focus underpins a world-class platform designed to support the wealth management industry. Our new and collaborative learning model is designed to close the gap in financial planning knowledge and digital asset technology adoption.

Our four core values include:

1. Simplicity wherever possible

2. Connecting existing wealth manager value propositions to their future client

3. Focusing on storytelling, securing transactions and constantly learning

4. Always sharing the truth.

Why is Learning such an important part of AmiPRO’s platform?

Making changes in our life is hard. I’ve found that the best way to embrace and support change is to learn new ways for doing things. Learning is the foundation for making informed decisions with a clear view. By creating strong learning options for the AmiPRO platform we are giving a clear understanding of assets and managed models, re-balancing accounts and adjusting strategies as Digital Asset investing matures.

I am overseeing the product usage and process training for advisors, back office teams, accounting, IT,and aligning this training with client outreach and marketing plans. Taking a holistic approach for the entire practice from learning to liquidity is how AmiPRO is going to ensure Wealth Management Advisors successfully integrate Digital Asset Investing into their practice.

What is AmiPRO doing differently that makes you excited about being part of the team of advisors?

There is no doubt in my mind that AmiPRO is going to break every rule and do things differently in Fintech – right from the start. We are going to change minds and provide best practices for increasing the adoption of Digital Asset investing.

The AmiPRO platform is taking a completely new approach to what banks and other Fintech organizations are currently doing. The new interface, combined with how content is provided, is going to set new standards in Fintech. Being first in this space is a big deal and one not to be missed.

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