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April 12, 2021

Meet our team - Angelia Darnbrough

Meet the Team – Angelia Darnbrough, Marketing Strategist

The success of AmiPRO relies on the diverse experience provided by our growing team of experts. We’re excited to share their insights with you and how their experience contributes to the growth and innovation at AmiPRO – setting new standards in Fintech and Digital Asset investing.

Angelia Darnbrough contributes to AmiPRO’s content marketing strategy and is part of the marketing team. Her goal is to make it easy for wealth management advisors to understand the value that AmiPRO brings to managing Digital Assets on behalf of their clients. She always works to ensure the tone and messaging of AmiPRO’s content makes it accessible and easy to understand.

Her passion for fostering targeted conversation that clearly conveys the unique value organizations provide in the market consistently generates growth opportunities. She brings over 25 years of marketing experience in high tech and emerging technologies to AmiPRO’s team.

What attracted you to join AmiPRO’s team?

Every day there are new headlines about the growth of cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets and how they are starting to impact our day-to-day lives. As I’ve always loved learning about new technologies and high tech solutions, I was eager to develop a greater understanding about Digital Asset investing.

It’s not often you get to be on the forefront of an emerging asset class in Canada while being part of such a dynamic team of experts. Together, we’re developing the first ever software platform in Canada that takes Digital Asset investing from learning to liquidity. I am excited to be part of this revolution in Fintech.

What is the most important challenge facing advisors who need to embrace Digital Asset investing?

We’ve been speaking with a lot of Multi-Family Offices and advisors during the past eight months. Not only have we been able to demo AmiPRO’s functionality and interface to them, we’ve also been listening intently to their concerns.

The more our team speaks with Multi-Family Offices and advisors, the better we understand their need for learning as a starting point. There is no doubt that Blockchain and Digital Assets are the future of investing. However, the speed at which Digital Assets are evolving can sometimes make this asset class hard to grasp and understand.

What I’ve seen since I joined AmiPRO is the institutional adoption of Bitcoin is here and grows every day. It’s quite remarkable to see how quickly organizations such as PayPal and Wealthsimple have made Digital Asset investing accessible to all types of investors. Right now, PayPal customers in the U.S. can buy, sell and hold four different cryptocurrencies on PayPal including bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash with more to come.

It’s clear that advisors in Canada owe it to their clients to give them access to this asset class. It’s time to take a deeper dive into the Digital Asset world and embrace all that it has to offer by taking a learning-first approach.

Why is Content Marketing important to AmiPRO?

The pandemic has shifted all of our eyeballs to online content and the use of digital technologies. It’s getting very noisy online for most of us as companies are vying for our attention.

We want to ensure that it’s easy for Multi-Family Offices and wealth management advisors in Canada to find our Digital Asset platform and quickly understand how it can help facilitate Digital Asset investing in their practice. We don’t want to inundate advisors with lots of crypto talk and terms. Instead, our approach is to guide and educate them about the options that are available and let them do what they do best – advise.

What I’m contributing to AmiPRO’s team is the ability to take complex issues and break them down into bite-size topics. Not only does this approach make our content understandable, it makes it memorable and breaks through all the noise.

You’ve developed a process called People2People Marketing that is used to ensure companies, like AmiPRO, are a beacon for the best solutions in their industry. How does that work?

I’ve had the good fortune to work with a bounty of clever clients over the years. Most have the best ideas but didn’t know how to articulate them well to the people they want to reach.

Often, I’ve found great solutions don’t always get the attention they deserve. That’s why I developed the process of People2PeopleMarketing and apply it to developing content and outreach strategies. What’s most important about this process is properly understanding the needs of your target audience and what motivates them to take action.

For AmiPRO, properly articulating the complexities of including Digital Asset investing in a firm can’t be understated. Setting up a Digital Asset practice comes with lots of twists and turns in the road due to front and back office requirements that need to integrate with regulatory and compliance. It’s why the team at AmiPRO has set up a literal road map for success called DDIM – Define, Design, Implement and Manage. I’m here to help amplify how DDIM works for advisors.

What is AmiPRO doing differently that makes you excited about being part of the team?

The team at AmiPRO is using their collective knowledge and passion for learning to set new standards in Fintech – which is very exciting! Their expertise is guiding advisors and Multi-Family Offices to design their Digital Asset practice for sustainability. We’re focusing on Digital Asset learning by curating content and research so it is much easier to understand and interact with on a daily basis.

My role is to tell AmiPRO’s story so it’s clear that advisors and Multi-Family Offices can lay a foundation for growth in their practice using AmiPRO’s software and advisory services. It’s an opportunity that comes along only once in a lifetime.

A trusted, content aggregation and learning platform helping advisors understand the Digital Asset ecosystem.  
Guidance and support that enables firms to navigate the design of a Digital Asset Practice using MeetAmi’s consulting services.
Software that enables wealth management advisors to buy, sell, and hold Digital Assets for their clients.
Offering a diverse mix of investment opportunities from managed funds, tokenized real estate along with other tokenized investments.