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November 6, 2020

Meet our team - Bill Downie

Meet the Team – Bill Downie, Head of Marketing, AmiPRO

The success of AmiPRO relies on the diverse experience provided by our growing team of experts.  We’re excited to share their insights with you and how their experience contributes to the growth and innovation at AmiPRO – setting new standards in Fin-tech and Digital Asset investing.

Bill Downie has been a brand champion and marketing guru for over 30 years. He combines his creative mind with that of a strategic thinker to lead the creative process towards captivating relevant and effective marketing strategies. Bill brings his strong creative insight and entrepreneurial spirit to humanizing AmiPRO’s technology so it is intuitive and accessible making every touchpoint withAmiPRO easy to understand.

What attracted you to join AmiPRO’s team?

The world continues to change at a rapid rate. With this ongoing change, there has been a strong movement towards Digital Asset investing. It’s clear that more and more people will be including this new investment class into their portfolios not just as investments, but as a way to purchase goods and services now and into the future. When I was offered the opportunity to join AmiPRO’s team, I jumped on it so I could be at the forefront of a new movement in financial investing.Having worked with numerous startups bringing great ideas to market, I knew that I could contribute to the launch and growth of AmiPRO by humanizing its technology.

How do you define humanizing technology?

I look at how I like to receive information and expect to interact with technology. For me, Apple set the standard back in 1984 for humanizing technology when it launched the MAC. This new computer interface completely changed how I looked at using computers. Apple showed us how technology could be less intimidating to use compared to other computer operating systems at the time.

Technology needs to be accessible in order for people to adopt it in their every day life.We have numerous examples of what not to do. Look at the typical telephone answering system where you have to keep making numerous selections to finally get what you want – touch 1 for sales, touch 2 for a company directory, touch 3for an operator … who wants this? I don’t. My experience as a consumer has taught me that technology needs to serve us to be successful, not make it cumbersome to use.

Can you describe the top three elements to consider when humanizing technology?

Every day we are exposed to a lot of content. In fact, digital marketing experts estimate that most North Americans are exposed to up to 10,000 advertisements each day!Consider all the pop up ads alone that appear in search results or in social media. How do you stand out in this growing landslide of information?

I believe you have to make the experience with your brand and technology seamless. By doing this, you create trust because no matter where you go and see information relating to a brand, it’s a strong and consistent message.  

Here are my top three elements for humanizing technology:

  1. Language – tone of voice is so important and I believe the more conversational it is, the better.
  2. Colour – evokes emotion and how you use colour says a lot from ‘blue sky thinking’ to ‘confidence in red’.
  3. Brevity – keep it short and simple. I believe we all are experiencing levels of attention deficit. Drive quickly to the point and you’ll be remembered.

Why is humanizing technology so important to AmiPRO’s platform?

We may be providing a comprehensive platform for Digital Asset investing, but it’s people that are going to use it. I don’t want to come across as being too ‘techy’. I want to embrace human conversation by giving Ami a personae as a person who is there to help and has the answers you are seeking.

We aren’t telling you that you must include Digital Asset investing in your client portfolios in 2020 and beyond. Instead, we’re asking you to join the DigitalAsset conversation and decide for yourself.

When you do see this movement has already started, we’ll be there to help you migrate your practice to include Digital Asset investing through our education and services.I want Wealth Management Advisors to see that ‘we’re in it together’. I believe that this approach will break down the barriers for this new investment class and make adoption rates faster.

What is AmiPRO doing differently that makes you excited about being part of the team of advisors?

There is no doubt that AmiPRO is taking a disruptive approach to this category of investments. That gets me excited because it’s no longer business as usual.

We have an opportunity to set new standards in Fin-tech by how information is researched, acted upon and then delivered to clients. We are curating and providing content and research in ways that make it far easier to understand and interact with on a daily basis. By doing this, everyone wins. Who wouldn’t want that?

DigitalAsset investing in Canada is starting with Wealth Management firms and banks but it will definitely be filtering down to the end consumer. The faster we are able to parse information so that it’s easy to explain, the better. It benefits both financial advisors and consumers to make the best recommendations and choices in managing their portfolios and investment opportunities.

AmiPRO’s team is committed to humanizing our technology platform. We want everyone who interacts with AmiPRO to highly regard what we have to say. Our team leans into our diverse viewpoints and backgrounds to be the best educators and experts in this class of investment. I encourage you to join the Digital Asset conversation.

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