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August 19, 2021

First Digital Asset Investing Platform is Live with Launch of AmiPro

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, August 19th, 2021 / --

MeetAmi Innovations, Inc. (“MeetAmi”) has successfully completed its first live trade of bitcoin using its flagship product, AmiPRO™. As another Canadian first in Fintech, NCP Digital Family Office (British Columbia) and Platinium Capital (Quebec) are using AmiPRO to invest in Digital Assets for their clients. With this official launch, wealth management firms are empowered to seamlessly add Digital Assets to their client portfolios using this investing platform.

“AmiPRO is leading one of the most important financial transformations of this century,” states Hashim Mitha, Founder and CEO, MeetAmi. “It is the only live platform in Canada that enables advisors to meet the growing demand for Digital Assets and empowers them to directly invest on behalf of their clients.”

Wealth advisors are increasingly being asked by clients to invest in Digital Assets and manage the cryptocurrencies they hold outside of their portfolios. AmiPRO is a purpose-built platform and provides the necessary technology, guidance and support to assist firms in designing and launching a Digital Asset practice in response to this increased demand.

“Key indicators are normalizing this asset class and more regulatory clarity is helping drive the adoption of Digital Assets,” says Dan Bowering, Head of Compliance, MeetAmi. “Wealth management firms can’t wait any longer to start their compliance journey – it’s time to get in front of the line.”

MeetAmi helps firms confidently invest in Digital Assets while helping to de-risk the process for investing in cryptocurrencies.

“We recognize our fiduciary responsibility to advise the families we serve from a position of knowledge and with the same standard of care we apply in the traditional asset class realm,” remarks Grant Colby, CEO NCP Digital Family Office and AmiPRO client. "A critical step in making this a reality is to work with the team at AmiPRO to establish the necessary business and regulatory processes needed to responsibly include Digital Asset investing in our practice."

“The launch of AmiPRO has provided this emerging marketplace with a new ally in the race to access and understand the Digital Asset investment opportunity,” states Chuck Hamilton, Chief Learning Officer, MeetAmi. “We now have a passionate team focused on making Digital Assets more open and understandable for us all.“

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